Our family name is very old. It first appears just before the 15th century. According to Mr. A. Huizinga in his "Encyclopedia of Names" Chapter 35 (Agriculture and Livestock), many names derived from farmhouses. These names are:

Van de Hoeve, Van de Hoeven, Hoevenaar, Verhoef, Verhoeff, Verhoeven, Voorhoeve, Vrijhoef

In the Dutch language there is even the verb "Verhoefslagen". This means a piece of land bounded by dikes, ditches, watercourses, etc. Certain is that the name Verhoeff is coming from the farmhouse. The one they used for example:

Pieter van de Hoef of Pieter van de Hoeff.

The double ff in the end leads into antiquity often. Examples are:
elff instead of eleven, behoeff instead of "behoefte", Verhoeff instead of Verhoef.
"Ver" is a contraction of "Van der" and was written in ancient times as a sign


so the name Verhoeff can come in a way as

In investigations into the ancestry should be therefore take due account of this fact. In earlier times they said Houve or Houf, so that these forms may occur. Names that belong to the same family may include:

van de Hoef - van de Houf - van de Hoeve - van de Houven - van der Hoeven - Verhoeven - Verhouf - Verhouff - Hoeft - Verhoeft - Houft - Verhouft

They occur in Maasland:
13-7-1370: Arent Jansz. Van der hoeve, his son: Jan Arentsz. Van der Hoeve.

In that same Maasland found in 6-3-1486 Jacob Arentsz. Verhoeff, churchwarden.

Most likely all belong to the same family. All other combinations of the above names we already encountered